Peter Harken: What an Amazing Guy

I love writing Seahorse profiles. They give me an excuse to sit down with sailing legends and ask quite personal questions. Like, “Why did you wait until you were 75 to get married?”

“First boats then blocks then both as Peter fits out another Vanguard 470 with the latest Harken fittings.”

Just like his name, Peter Harken’s life story is so intertwined with the company he helped to build that I gave up trying to separate the two. And the fifteen-month delay between writing and publication meant I was enchanted all over again when I read through Part I. So many Hall of Fame inductions… yet the humble Peter seemed quite surprised that I (and Seahorse’s readers) might actually be interested in his life story.

The editor has graciously given me permission to share the PDF with you, but that only covers up to the 1980s. To read Part II, you’ll have to subscribe. Well worth it for all the Rod Davis lessons!

Thanks for following along, and let me know what you think.

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