Dawn Riley: Setting the Standard

Toward the tail end of last winter, I got to interview Dawn Riley for a Seahorse Magazine profile—and it was, as all these profiles have been so far, an eye-opener into what makes a successful sailor and human. Dawn’s kryptonite is her unique ability to both develop a long-term vision AND handle the dirty-hands details, something that turned out to be quite valuable when the pandemic first arrived in the U.S. (That’s when she added “designated grocery-shopper” to her long list of responsibilities at Oakcliff.)

Seahorse has kindly granted me permission to share the article with you—and there’s also a special offer for my readers, if you subscribe for a year: 3 months of the print publication for $1! There are also fantastic deals on print+digital and digital only.

Now without further ado, here’s Setting the Standard

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