Cape Cod Surprise

Another hurricane—and only Oliver can save Surprise.


Cape Cod Surprise (2010) takes Oliver back into the teeth of Hurricane Carol, a storm that hit Cape Cod hard in late August of 1954. Once again, young readers see New England coastal history through the eyes of our intrepid Oliver, now a seasoned time traveler. As Carol starts to bear down on the sandy coastline, Oliver must face his own fears and uncertainties while contending with a renegade aunt and another time traveler who refuses to let go of modern niceties.The book embeds a sailing primer inside a ripping good yarn.

Cape Cod Surprise brings to life what it is like to face a vicious hurricane. I kept reaching for my lifejacket and pulling up my hood throughout this fast-paced narrative.” -Gary Jobson, Sailor and Author

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 The Story Behind the Story


Behind every fictional story is something that sparked the author to write it. For Cape Cod Surprise, it was my interest in Hurricane Carol. I probably would’ve been interested in a Hurricane that shared my name anyway, especially one that was signifcant enough to have its (our) name retired forever. But I happened to grow up looking at photos taken by my father during that incredible storm, and those photos made me feel like Hurricane Carol knew about ME, too.

I might have forgotten my childhood interest if my parents hadn’t passed along those photos when they downsized homes. Now they were staring at me from my own living room walls, which eventually led me to wonder what would’ve happened if Oliver traveled back in time again (to 1954 this time) and lived through “my” hurricane on Surprise.