Hammer Nutrition. Fuel Right. Feel Great.

Hammer Nutrition. Fuel Right. Feel Great.

Hammer Nutrition

I’ve been working with Hammer since 2000, and their products and education have helped me constantly improve my fueling both on and off the water. Here are a few posts I’ve written about their products:

Supplementing Success
Want to Fuel Right? It’s Personal
Drink to Win: Fizzy Hydration from Hammer
Hammer Gels: From Ewww to Yum

If you want to give Hammer products a try, please use customer number 80243 as your referral source on checkout to get a 15% discount on your first order (and earn me a credit toward future orders). Thanks, and happy fueling!

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WAMIT stands for Wave Analysis MIT. The company builds tools that analyze wave interactions with offshore platforms and other structures or vessels. They have been around since 1987 and a loyal sponsor of the Cronin Sailing Team since 2001; we’re very grateful for their support, which has made many of our national and international regattas possible. For more information, visit the WAMIT website.