Olympic excitement: Read all about it

Couldn’t we all use some Olympic spirit right about now? Sporting battles between athletes at the very top of their game, followed by a closing ceremony with friends from different countries all marching in together?

Sixteen years ago, I marched into the opening ceremonies of Athens 2004 as part of Team USA. Since then, I’ve avidly watched every Games, smiling to think of the lasting memories each athlete would take home—and cheering on everyone, especially the non-medal winners.

Tokyo 2020 was supposed to start this week. Instead, the Olympics have been pushed back until next year, so your best chance at high-summer entertainment this year is, well… reading about previous Olympics. So here’s a special offer to help you through.

Game of Sails: An Olympic Love Story is on sale through July 30

Doug Logan calls my third novel “an insider’s guide to the build-up to the Games — racing in the qualifying trials, scrambling for finances, competing for spots on the U.S. Olympic team — and the heady spectacle and competition of the Games themselves.”

I know that reading a fictionalized version of Olympic competition (which could now be labeled “historical”) can’t possibly replace the excitement of Tokyo 2020, but it definitely gives a taste of what it’s like to “be there.” And dropping the price from $3.99 to 99 cents for a week is the only gesture I could think to make, as we all put on our patience pants until 202One.

Stay well, all, and happy reading!

Here are some of my favorite Olympic-focused posts from the last several years:

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Buy Game of Sails for just 99 cents

2 Replies to “Olympic excitement: Read all about it”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that the Games WILL be back next year. Which also means, life might be back to *normal* by then. When will 2020 end?….
    Waving hi from north of the RI/MA border!

  2. Thanks Sharon. Yes 2020 has been strange so far but we don’t get these days back. Who knew we’d have to wait so long for our in-person lunch date?? Stay well.

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