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Writing for Free: Why I Blog

Work in Progress not progressing? Must be time to write a blog post. Blog posts, after all, are just short snippets of thought. They don’t require character arcs, or plot development, or outlines. They don’t require much at all, really, except a quick trigger that

Ideas are the Easy Part: Teaching with Cape Cod Surprise

Yesterday I visited the Bourne Middle School, writing Oliver-based stories in cooperation with about 230 fifth graders—who fortunately were divided across five forty minute periods, and well-supervised by their teachers. First the kids chose a starting and ending point for our story and located each

The Shape of a Story

Several years ago, I wrote a story called “Reading the Shape of the Wind.” In it I described the different ways breeze fills across the water, as well as the best strategies for winning races in each condition. Recently, it’s occurred to me that there’s

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