Input Needed: Vote for Your Favorite Character

Greetings, friends! I’m reaching out today because I need and want your answers to a simple question: who’s your favorite character from Ferry to Cooperation Island?

As you devoted blog readers already know, I’m deep into writing the next book. It’s a sequel to FERRY, though the main character was barely a footnote in the first book. I look forward to introducing her to all of you!

Right now, I’m trying to figure out which subplots are worthy of inclusion. All of the characters listed below are lobbying hard on their own behalf… so which ones do you most want to follow into their fictional future? You can vote for as many as you like in the comments below, as long as you explain why. Bonus points if you have an opinion about what should happen next!

If you need a refresher on FERRY (or haven’t read it yet), here’s a preview (in your choice of audio or text) of Chapter 1

Vote for your favorite character(s) in the comments below:

  • Courtney
  • James
  • Anna the artist
  • Parker
  • Will the Writer
  • Mavis
  • Other

Thanks for your input, and for reading!

6 Replies to “Input Needed: Vote for Your Favorite Character”

  1. Courtney & James….to further explore the tension at the base of their relationship. Will one drift away (pardon the pun)? Who? Might one of them take a new career direction?

    Mavis is a close “second.” She has great posibilities, as well…esp’y based on her Indigenous background and her newfound optimism opening utposssibilities in her life. My take on her, at least. Might she continue her brother’s admirable work, from earlier in his life?

    I’d also like to see the angle of the threat of development to island life explored again, if only as an ancillary plot thread. The comparisons here to Jamestown are obvious.

    Can’t wait for your sequel. I just returned to New England to stay. I moved up to Massachusetts and “Ferry to Cooperation Island” was one of the books I just had to bring with me. See you ’round your wonderful island, Carol…!

  2. This may not be the most helpful vote, but I would say all of them. Each has their way of helping us learn about the others and the island life. But if I had to pick one/two, Courtney/Mavis.

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