Giving Thanks x 4

Happy Thanksgiving! A year ago, I posted my top 5 reasons for being grateful, a list that still rings true; today I’m adding four more items that make me “bloom.” And to minimize the distraction for my faithful subscribers from a day best spent with family, friends, and food, I’ll keep it short today.

redbush, thanksgiving, burning bush, blooming

Flexible work schedule

So many times I get to do something fun during normal working hours, certain I can finish what needs to be done on my own schedule (and that I might even be rewarded for playing hooky). I can also go on self-defined trips during the week (like the recent SF ferry adventure), without any risk to a “regular” job. Being my own boss brings with it stress and uncertainty, but that’s all balanced against weekly doses of unexpected joy and daily doses of empowerment. Only I decide how to balance the various demands on my time.

Moving with purpose

I’ve been a regular (winter) client at The Island Heron yoga studio for three years, and some of my best blog posts are written before a 9am class. I show up ready for physical challenge and always leave mentally refreshed as well, which reminds me of the links between body and mind—as well as the Confidence of Quiet. Thanks Heidi, and the rest of the community!

Teammates in boats and books

Two people top this list: Paul Cronin and Kim Couranz. With Paul as coach, Kim and I won the 2018 Snipe Women’s Worlds by sticking to our very personal approach to regattas: No Drama, Llama. Paul inspires as well as redirects my sometimes crazy ideas, while Kim’s quick wit makes just hanging out with her really fun (and usually we get to go sailing, too). Thank you both for being such fantastic teammates.

On the writing and publishing side, I added a new name to my team this year: agent April Eberhardt. I’m very excited by the work we will do together in 2019 and beyond.


My final thought for today: Thank YOU, my weekly readers. Your comments and steady support keep me blogging on a regular schedule, and though I like to think you benefit from reading my posts, no one gets nearly as much out of it as I do. See you next Thursday!