Gratitude: My Top 5

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Long ago, a Norwegian friend claimed it as the “best” US holiday, and I agree. No worries about religious sensitivity or presents; just the gift of time with family, friends, and food.

My cup runneth over again this year, but I’ll limit myself to five thoughts (plus one bonus) so you can all get back to your own gifted time.

Dutch Harbor docks at sunset

1. I’m grateful for wellness. Asked “how’s your body feeling today?” by my favorite yoga teacher, the only thing I could find to complain about was a tight hamstring.

2. I’m grateful for my imagination, for the ability to transform a blinking cursor into an imaginary island populated by imaginary friends (and a few enemies). One of these days, I might even come up with a satisfying explanation of how that actually happens.

3. I’m grateful for the people around me who support my crazy antics (on land and on the water too). If we are indeed the average of the five people we spend the most time with (and it sure makes sense), I’m going to continually get wiser and fitter and more motivated.

4. I’m grateful for easy salt water access. The beginning of a stand up paddling adventure is only five minutes from my desk—and that includes cold-water dressing time.

5. I’m grateful for taking so many comforts for granted: warm house, full fridge, witty repartee, and more books than I have time to read.

Gratitude is where attitude matches latitude.

Enjoy your holiday!