Hammering through the Heat

We have just lived through our first serious heat wave of 2019, and it happened to land squarely on top of the Snipe Nationals. I know you guys are probably tired of hearing me rave about Hammer Nutrition’s great products, but I can honestly say we would not have finished 4th overall if it hadn’t been for my two favorite electrolyte replacements: Endurolytes Extreme, and FIZZ.

Trying to beat the heat means hiding skin from direct sun until just before the starting gun. Photo courtesy Benja Sans

Fueling is very personal, so even when it’s pushing triple digit heat and high humidity, you may not churn through electrolytes as quickly as I do—or you may not react to their absence the same way. When my electrolyte levels fall below optimal, I start doing really stupid things on the race course. I feel fine, but instead of anticipating the next move I postpone a decision until it’s far too late to do anything. Here’s a perfect example, from the last day of Nationals: I knew we weren’t going to lay the weather mark, but I didn’t listen to Kim’s increasingly frustrated suggestions to tack out while we still had the chance. Moments later, we had to jibe out and lost at least six places. Duh!

As soon as we rounded that mark, I asked her to pull out two Endurolytes Extreme so I could wash them down with a quick sip of fluid. We’ve nicknamed these “brain pills,” because they instantly bring me back from the depths of electrolyte-depleted stupidity. We managed to pass a few boats on the second lap of that race, and eventually salvaged a 13th.

Looking back now, it makes sense that a windy hot day made it even harder to keep up than the previous two days of brain-suckingly light air. This is the kind of equation that Hammer Nutrition’s scientists think about all day long; I had just stuck with what what was working, washing down a pill or two between each race. With hiking hard and trimming the main added into the equation, that obviously wasn’t quite enough.

My second favorite electrolyte replacement is FIZZ. Drop a tablet into a water bottle, and it both makes it taste like a treat and supplies a steady stream of electrolytes. Combined with several Endurolytes Extreme each day, and my post-race regimen of Recoverite, I was able to function normally through three days of crippling heat and humidity… except for that one weather mark screwup.

Looking around the boat park after sailing, many of our competitors were visibly exhausted. At one after-race party, I passed off two Endurolytes Extreme to cure a friend’s dehydration headache. What a great product!

Proper fueling doesn’t make up for a lack of fitness, but electrolyte loss can make even the fittest sailor stupid. Trust me, it’s no fun racing with me once I get behind on this crucial supplement. And why sabotage a good regatta when great fuel is so easy to carry?

Okay, that’s it for this round of Hammer-love. For previous articles or to place an order, visit my Sponsor page. Thanks for reading, feel free to email me with fueling questions, and enjoy the summer heat!

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  1. Hi Carol, Wonderful article!
    I find that making an effort to hydrate with electrolytes the day before racing in the heat very helpful. Also, a cold wet handkerchief or neck gator on the neck cools the carotid artery which cools blood going to the brain. Placing an ice cold water bottle on the side of the neck is ideal, if possible.

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