Wingfoil Video: Make Like a Harbor Butterfly

For the first time in many summers, I’ve been taking full advantage of our fantastic location and its dependable seabreeze. Paul and I are lucky enough to have a flat-water, traffic-free sailing area that’s only a short drive from our house. It’s become our favorite afternoon escape, anytime there’s wind (and not too many pressing deadlines). 

You can’t see it, but there’s a 360-degree video camera mounted on the end of the wing. Screengrab courtesy PaulCroninStudios

Harbor buzz

Last December, I wrote a post about 6 Lessons I’d learned from my first month of wingfoiling that concluded, “Maybe, by the time September glistens again, you’ll even see me out buzzing around the harbor, in complete control.” Though I’m too spooked about high speed powerboater blindness to do any serious harbor-buzzing, I have graduated to a smaller board—and I can speed it up, slow it down, and alter course as needed, all without coming off the foil. Though I haven’t yet had another Breakthrough Day, I’m enjoying the endless learning, increased confidence, and fitness gains from our daily sessions.

Getting up on starboard tack is always easier for me. Screengrab courtesy PaulCroninStudios

Take a ride with me

A few weeks ago (while still on my old board, a 6’4″ Armstrong FG), I felt sure enough of my foiling ability to strap Paul’s 360° camera to the wing. Scroll down for a 40-second clip from that day that shows the transition from slogging to foiling, another learner, dodging a bit of boat traffic, and how wake-free and butterfly-fast it feels… even after your husband blows by like you’re standing still.

What’s Next

The next step up the learning curve is the foil-jibe, and as usual Paul is a few steps ahead. We’re going to keep sailing until the water temps drop too much (around mid-November). So if you see a couple of harbor-buzzing yellow butterflies, you’ll know who it is… and please don’t expect me to wave. 

Got a new skill, or a random question about wingfoiling? Add it to the comments below, or send me an email. I read every single one, with gratitude.

What I’m riding

  • Armstrong FG Wing SUP Foilboard (5’5″ long)
  • Armstrong A+ System Carving Freeride Foil Package CF2400 V2
  • Ozone Wasp V2 Wing 5m (8-12 knots)
  • Ozone Wasp V2 Wing 4m (12-16 knots)
  • Ozone Wasp V2 Wing 3m (16+ knots)

For more great videos (including details about our gear and getting started wingfoiling), visit PaulCroninStudios.

4 Replies to “Wingfoil Video: Make Like a Harbor Butterfly”

  1. Hey Carol,

    Heard ya’ll were winging. Billy and I starting. Equipment video was helpful. We have a 5’11” Armstrong with same foil setup as you. Now we need to fine that “place five minutes from the house that is flat and windy.” Our places are all waves and windy in a southwesterly in Newport – we’ll have to come join you in Jamestown!


    1. Barby, great news you guys are foiling and have the best gear. We are (almost) ready for some waves… but until then come join us!

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