SailFaster Podcast: My Best Secret to Success

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a chat with Pete Boland, an Annapolis-based sailor who’s producing a new podcast called SailFaster. I definitely fit the target demographic, “those who spend their waking lives (and probably their sleeping lives!) obsessing about how to sail faster than anyone else on the race course,” and I really enjoyed sharing a few nuggets of “wisdom” accumulated during a lifetime on the water that might help other aspiring racers.

My first podcast appearance was in 2018, when I chatted with Andy Rice about whether Olympic sailors are born or made. Since then, podcasting has exploded in popularity—and Andy Rice is now channeling his copious energy toward Road to Gold and high-speed Olympic commentary. 

In 2020 I was invited onto the Around the Buoy podcast, where we discussed how the combination of books and boats has led to a very Interesting Life. Boatbuilder Carter Richardson and photographer Tyler Fields continue to put out about a podcast a month, and their topics are both wide-ranging and mouth-watering: from restoring ships like Coronet and Cutty Sark to sleep. I can’t wait to dig more deeply into what they’ve produced recently.

I’m also looking forward to many more gems about sailing faster from Pete Boland. Our wide-ranging conversation made me realize how much college sailing jump-started my competitive juices, and it also forced me to spell out my biggest secret to success: Find the best crew you can (for you) and keep her coming back for more

There’s also an Olympic question I refused to answer… but you’ll have to listen in to learn why. Here’s the Apple podcast link, and there are other options on the Sailfaster website.

What I wrote six years ago about my very first podcast chat definitely still rings true: “Talking about sailing with another enthusiast remains one of my greatest pleasures.” I hope you enjoy the result as much as I enjoyed our conversation!

Got a favorite podcast about sailing and/or books? Share it in the comments below, or send me an email. I read every single one, with gratitude.