Holiday Book List 2013

I only reviewed two books this year, though I’ve enjoyed many more. Here’s a short holiday book list to finish off 2013.


Spilled Coffee
Authorly jealousy is the sign of a good book, and I had it for Uncharted, Bridget Chicoine’s first novel. And even though there is less boat repair in her second book, Spilled Coffee, I admit to a certain amount of jealousy for its excellent imagery. With constant steps back into the past (marked by a stopwatch picon) and a constant drip of information about the tragedy that’s still affecting the present, this one drew me in too.

Best of all, there’s more available from Chicoine: Portrait of a Girl Running and Portrait of a Protégé both came out in the fall of 2013. They sharethe same protagonist, Leila, but can be read independently (although knowing the backstory from Girl Running does enrich the reading ofProtégé). More details are available on Chicoine’s blog.

Powder Burn
I don’t think I would’ve read this snowboarding thriller if I didn’t know the author, Mark Chisnell. But I’m very glad I did; the twists, turns, and details of a remote country in the Himalayas did what fiction does best; took me somewhere I’ve never been and let me walk around, seeing the world through the eyes of Sam, a self-described “glass-half-full kind of girl.” Visit Mark Chisnell’s blogfor a full list of his titles.

And now it’s time for some last minute holiday shopping! Best wishes for a great holiday season.