Happy Thanksgiving! From Ritual to Miracle

One of the perils of writing a Thursday blog, at least in the U.S., is that once a year it falls on the biggest holiday of all. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

I’ll keep this one short.

In the before-years, I either created a list of things I’m grateful for or flashed back to childhood—like singing “over the river and through the woods” for an entire five-hour family drive. Last year, unable to gather with family, I imagined what a Cooperation Island Thanksgiving would be like.

This year, my gratitude list is dominated by an item I used to take completely for granted: a worry-free family gathering. In a few hours, once the turkey is cooked, ten of us will sit down around the same table to share an inside meal! What used to be a ritual now seems like a miracle (thanks, science).

Living through a pandemic has made me think more about how lucky we are, every single day. So in some ways, today will be just another chance to express that gratitude. But this year, an annual family event that I used to take completely for granted will feel exceedingly special.

Just as every big holiday should.

Want another helping?

Here’s are three of my favorite Thanksgiving blogs from previous years. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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