Unexpected Blog Connections (in Pictures)

Today we’re going visual. I started thinking about how one blog post often sparks another, and instead of drowning you in a sea of links I decided to create my second-ever infographic post*. Here goes, and let me know what you think!

Where Books Meet Boats

Here are three examples of (mostly) blog posts that inspired more writing, often about the “other” topic:

Personal back story


Dare to Fail

How Books Happen

There’s a direct link between one story I wrote for Seahorse and my next book. Just add curiosity, and saying YES to an October sail!

Of course some curiosities remain just that.

I still haven’t written anything beyond one blog post about the strange historical link between a favorite author and her sailor husband, or found a way to weave the Chargicator into my fiction. But stay tuned, because you never know what might show up next Thursday…

Thanks for following along, and please let me know what you think in the comments or by email. Rest assured, I’ll be back to using my words next week.

*Here’s the first infographic I ever created, which still rings true almost 8 years later: 3×5 Ways to Change the World