Thoughts for a Spring Friday

flowers-2010Growing up, I belonged to a choir that performed a series of eecummings poems that had been set to music. One of my favorites was a spring poem which I’m sure will be familiar to many of you called In Just. I won’t contaminate it by writing it out here, but I encourage you to read the full version in all its formatting glory on The Poet’s Corner.

One word combination always sticks with me from that lovely poem: puddle-wonderful. What a great reminder of the beauty of spring, and the fresh-footed enjoyment of childhood. As I force myself to stay at my desk on this lovely end-of-April Friday, those two words bring back all the joys of icy cold bare feet, jumping for maximum splash into the nearest biggest puddle. I’m hoping this afternoon to sneak out and dig in the garden, the adult version of puddle-jumping. Don’t tell my clients, okay?