Saying No to Summer Go Cups

I recycle. I pick up trash from the beach and road side. I like to think I’m a tiny part of the solution to the plasti-problem.

But I’m also part of the problem itself, because I love iced coffee.say no to go cups

Iced coffee to go used to mean filling a plastic cup with ice, coffee, half and half, and then topping it with a plastic lid and inserting a straw. For the past few months I’ve skipped the straw, which means removing the lid each time I want a sip. That basically eliminates sipping while underway—another of summer’s great pleasures.

It’s also hard to see how skipping the straw is going to solve the plasti-problem when I’m still walking away with a single-use plastic cup and lid—even though they almost always get recycled.

So here’s my public vow for the summer of 2017: I promise to reduce my single-use cup (plastic or paper) consumption to a maximum of one per month. (Hopefully I can eliminate them all together… but I may need a “bye” once in awhile.)

I’ve stashed a stainless mug in my car. I will stash another in my bike basket. And I will respond to all sourpuss servers with a smile when they grimace about having to handle a clunky mug.

I promise not to get preachy about this if I see you with a plastic cup. But I also welcome anyone who cares to join me in my pledge to Say No to To Go Cups this summer. It doesn’t mean giving up our favorite iced drinks… it just means a little more planning, and a small change in habits. And if that helps us toward a future with less trash for someone like me to pick up off the beach, it’s all worth it.

Will you join me?

5 Replies to “Saying No to Summer Go Cups”

  1. I’m in Carol! There are plastic straw bans being proposed in Santa Cruz and many restaurants are going back to paper straws (remember those?) Jackie Nunez’ inspired effort is detailed at Pyrex, stainless steel, and even reusable plastic straws seem poised to fill the reusable void. Restaurants still push their servers to add straws in cocktails since surveys show people drink more rapidly with straws. So now when we skip the straw at the bar we can save some $$ while saving the planet. Thanks for being one of the solutions to plastic pollution!

    1. You were probably way ahead of me on this! I hadn’t thought about the “drink more through a straw” aspect, but that explains a lot. I tried to refuse a straw at the FLL airport a few weeks ago and was told “That’s yours, you can keep it.”

  2. Great idea, way too much plastic and we need to take it personal and do something. I will also stash mugs in my truck and van so I use them.

  3. Change takes time. For years I’ve been saying no to plastic bags. The clerks would always say, “are you sure?” With concern when I’d say, “No bag please.” (Yes I’m sure–I just said no bag!!!) Now that our city makes us pay for bags they ask me if I want to pay for a bag. I think we should all think twice about single-use products and applaud you for using your platform of influence to lead the way. I’m on board!

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