Cape Cod Surprise: It is Finished.

CCSfrontcoverI know, I know, I wrote a few weeks ago I was finished with the new book. But “finished” has different stages. And though the authorly part was complete, the graphic design work (cover and interior) weren’t quite ready to go to press.

It’s quite unusual for an author to design her own cover, but most authors don’t have graphic design experience. Being able to use all of my talents to create a beautiful book (as well as a good story) is one of the great things about working with publisher GemmaMedia. Gemma actually found the original map that we used as a background, so it’s been a team effort right from the start. We sent final files in this morning, including a Library of Congress number; now that makes me feel like a real author.

Many of you have asked about the publishing date, which is July 4. Stay tuned for updates on a launch party around that time too. And of course I’m starting to plan book signings, so let me know if your local bookstore or book club would like me to come visit.

And speaking of launch parties, we put our Herreshoff Marlin in the water this morning. So the season of summer evening sails has officially begun.