A “Surprise” Launch Party!

Now for the fun part! The launch party for Cape Cod Surprise will take place at the Sail Loft in Boston’s North End on Thursday, July 1. The event will be a chance to meet some new characters, reunite with faces familiar from Oliver’s Surprise… and best of all, raise money for a great cause. Proceeds from every book sold will go toward the educational programs at Piers Park Sailing Center.

blackschoonerrxPPSC in East Boston gives over 1000 local kids the chance to go sailing every summer. They also offer adaptive sailing programs for people living with disabilities, including a remarkable technology that enables motion-restricted sailors to control the boat’s direction with a “sip” or “puff” of breath. PPSC teaches life skills through sailing… just as Oliver and the other characters in my books learn about teamwork and self-reliance while grappling with their fictional adventures.

On July 1 I’ll spend the day at PPSC, sharing my enthusiasm for reading, writing, and sailing. Hopefully the kids will help me create a few new stories.

That evening, the official launching of Cape Cod Surprise will include book signings, a teaser from the new story, introductions to a gold medalist, prize drawings for books and sailing delights, harbor views, and food and beverage. We may also show a few videos courtesy of WhiteCap Video. And both sailing and writing friends will have a chance to learn the ‘other’ meaning of the verb “to launch.”

Please put this “Surprise” party on your calendar. I look forward to celebrating with you all!

To read an excerpt, or RSVP, visit my author website.