5 Biggest Benefits of the January Slowdown

I have to admit: this is not my favorite month of the year. Here in Rhode Island, outside activity is definitely curtailed—no matter how many pairs of gloves we own or how well our favorite hat protects our earlobes. Meanwhile, photos of what we used to call Key West Race Week seem like they were taken on a different planet.

But now that it’s more than half over, I can honestly say: January has its benefits. So, in the spirit of positivity, I’m going to list the top five that come to me right now.


(Insert lengthy pause.)

Just kidding! Below are my top five. Accompanied by five photos taken over fifteen minutes during a rare January sunrise paddle.

1. Time to process

Both clients and friends seem to catch their breath this time of year; I’ve been taking advantage of any unscheduled mornings to work on my WIP, since finishing that is on my list of 2023 goals. Once the workday is over, I have a wide variety of windowseat reading options: books, seed catalogs, magazines. We might even stream a movie after dinner. Everyone needs time to refresh and recharge, and over the years I’ve learned: the January slowdown is a very important piece of my yearly workflow.

2. Cozying down

For those of us lucky enough to live in a warm house, turning on the oven to bake something special or just making afternoon tea is extra cozy this time of year. 

3. My readers

Over the last year I’ve seen a significant increase in the number of people who pause to read these Thursday morning musings, and I’m especially grateful for that this time of year—when I sometimes wonder if I really have anything new to add. Please keep your comments and emails coming!

4. Those occasional warm days

What would seem like a frigid day in October is instead a real blessing in January. We rush outside to enjoy anything above 40 degrees, and maybe even sneak out for a paddle if there’s also no wind. Every brief respite from freezing temps helps stave off the downward spiral of cabin fever.

5. The days are definitely getting longer

Sunrise is several minutes earlier than when these photos were taken seventeen days ago. Only 153 days until summer! 

OK, that’s my top five…  now it’s your turn. Are you embracing January, or finding it an extra challenge this year? Share your thoughts by email or in the comments below. And thanks again—you’re an important part of what keeps me going through the quietest month of the year.

4 Replies to “5 Biggest Benefits of the January Slowdown”

    1. 1. Days getting longer
      2. Weather more spectacular- like ice glistening on trees in the morning sun
      3. Snuggly heavy bedding
      4. Sledding on snow – not frozen grass because we finally have snow
      5.3 months left of winter, but maybe only one more month with good snow, can’t wait for next big dump.

      1. Love this list, especially “snuggly heavy bedding” which is definitely on my favorites list!

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