The Write Question

If you run into me this fall, please don’t ask, “Are you writing a new book?” (or worse yet, “have you published a new book?”)

The question I like better these days is,“Have you been doing any writing?”

Because the answer to that question is a definite YES.

I’m writing blogs for I’m even writing a few reviews and longer articles. And I’m keeping up (almost) with blog posts here as well, Where Books Meet Boats.

What I’m not writing at the moment is fiction.Cat-curiosity

I’m sure the voices in my head will return, crying to have their stories told. I’ll build a sculpture of words, and then carve a story out of it. And once that happens, I’ll welcome the next time someone asks “Are you writing a new book?” Because that’s the perfect launchpad to describe whatever the new story is about to become.

But for now I’m challenged by non-fiction, bytesting iPad cases, reviewing the occasional sailboat,and finding videos manic enough to attract viewers on Manic Mondays. I’m also trying to bring together various specialty groups who all need to Share the Water. Teaching newbies about the joys of paddleboarding and sailing. And trolling through our incredibly rich archives (with posts dating back through the Internet ages) to dig out something worthy of tweaking into a fresh post.

When I have time, I’m even learning to edit video. And there’s plenty of storytelling in that as well.

Fall is traditionally my most creative season, so we’ll see if any new characters pop their head out to be noticed. If not, I have plenty of real life “characters” to entertain me. And for now, at least, that’s enough.