The Glory of Morning

I love morning. The light and warmth build together as the sun climbs over land and water, and clouds drift or race overhead, changing colors with the sun angle. Windows on the west side of West Passage light up, winking across the Bay like square yellow jewels.

Winter Sunset Paddle

Okay, okay… this photo was taken at sunset, not sunrise; there’s never anyone around at sunrise to take a picture, which is part of morning’s charm. But it still shares the peaceful pleasures of paddling across a wind-free harbor at the edges of the day. (It’s also a great example of the many visual treats that can be found at PaulCroninStudios.)

As sunrise gets later and later, it’s harder and harder to get out of bed in time to fit in a paddle before work. But for the past week, I’ve been using the same mantra: “How many more mornings will we have like this?” Warm enough even before the sun is properly up to get on the water, calm enough to enjoy the glide and watch my paddle slice into the water, dry enough that I don’t have to paddle too hard to stay warm.

Ah, fall; so much of its glory is in the knowledge that it won’t last.

Just like the glory of morning.