Save the date: June 18!

Okay, I’m anxious. And since writing a blog helps me work out stuff, I’m gonna talk this through with all of you and hope I feel better by the end.

Here’s the gist: Ferry to Cooperation Island publishes 27 days from now. The book’s getting some great reviews, and I’m throwing a launch party on June 18 come hell or high virus. But I’m worried: that either no one will show up, or that everyone who does will go away disappointed. Yup, pretty petty anxieties in the current state of our world. But realizing that doesn’t erase my concerns.

If you feel like this has been a long time coming, you’re right; I first announced the book’s publication sixteen months ago. I’m really excited to finally share this novel with you, because it’s quite simply my best book yet. I can’t wait for you to lose yourself in the world of Brenton Island for a few hundred pages. (376, to be exact.)

We’d planned a party here in Jamestown, and several out-of-towners had already made plane reservations. All of that, of course, has been sacrificed to the virus gods. So like every other author (and musician and yoga instructor and schoolteacher), we’re taking this party online. Ready?

book launch party announcement

Save the date: June 18, 6:30 p.m.!

That’s the easy part. 

The hard part is all the party-planning details. What to offer those of you who make the effort to sit down with your screens for a virtual party? How interactive should it be, which is closely tied to how many attend (2, 20, 200)? What should I talk about/share on the screen?

I have decided on the recommended beverage: Cooperation Punch (it’s called Brenton Punch in the book, but I like this name better). Which means I will have to figure out what’s actually in it, besides rum. (Adding that to my to-do list.)

3 things you can do right now to help

1. Pre-order the book, either through (which supports a designated independent bookstore) or on Amazon. These last few weeks before the book comes out can make or break longer-term sales and online visibility, and most paperbacks seem to be arriving on schedule—a comfort in these strange times. (Read more about Why Pre-Orders Matter )

2. RSVP for the party (June 18, 6:30 p.m.) by sending me an email. I’ll add you to my VIP guest list (benefits still TBD, I admit). Feel free to share your party ideas!

3. Share your perfect cocktail recipe for Cooperation Punch, either via email or in the comments below. Here, I’ll get you started: “Add a healthy shot of rum to a glass and…”

Okay, sharing my anxieties worked; now I’m getting excited! Thanks, all—for listening, and for your support of me and my work. I can’t wait to share FERRY with all of you.

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