June: Pure Potential

For years, I’ve referred to June as the month of pure potential. It’s my favorite month of the year since I celebrate a birthday, so its possibilities have always seemed quite personal. And even now that early June often seems wet and dreary, we know that by the end of the month summer will arrive at last.

water toys june 2017

This is the time of year when boats are launched, summer plans are hatched, and the possibilities and energy levels seem limitless. We vow to make good on those February dreams: to paddle AND sail every day, to swim every morning, to spent every waking moment outside. In the garden, everything is electrified: annuals and perennials alike vie for best-dressed flower, no matter how much time went into their actual planting or how deep their roots actually go.

When July arrives, it will bring a little more heat and humidity—as well as a few limiting realities (time, energy, inside chores, billable hours). A month from now, those August dog-days will slow progress even more. But for now, it’s still June: the month to take deep breaths, to make plans, to try a new outdoor activity—or just stand in one place and watch the sunset or sunrise. And to rig and ready more water toys than we may really have time to use.

New England’s seasons may be shifting, but June still holds the promise of unlimited possibility. It reminds us to play, to seek new adventures, to challenge ourselves. And even as we bid it goodbye for 2017, I’m already looking forward to next year’s month of pure potential.