Game of Sails: An Olympic Love Story, now in Audio

Enjoying the 2020ne Olympics? Me too! Even though this Games is so totally different than what I remember from Athens 2004… which, right now, feels like it was only about seventeen days ago.

But since those heady Olympic days ended I’ve written four novels—and recorded them too! I’m proud to say that all four are now available in audio. So if you’re itching for an Olympics with stands full of screaming spectators (and a soupçon of romance), download the brand-new audiobook version of Game of Sails. You could call it a pandemic project, but I actually put it on the to-do list for the winter of 2020-21 long before that pesky virus reared its worldwide head. Fortunately, thanks to Paul’s excellent soundroom, I was able to complete it without leaving our family bubble.

I do have a few coupons to share that will allow you to listen before making any financial investment. If you’re new to audiobooks, drop me an email and I’ll send you one. If you already have an audiobook app, let me know if Game of Sails isn’t yet available on it—and I’ll try to get that fixed.

And if you’re just not into listening, the ebook is currently on sale for 99 cents—right through the closing ceremonies.

Now, let’s all get back to the wrestling and high diving and—yes, sailing competitions… Let the Games continue!