Since 2008 I’ve published three books, two with GemmaMedia.

I am often asked how I made the leap from Olympic sailor to published author. Though the two achievements would seem to require very different skill sets, they both played to my strengths in combining self-motivation and creativity. (Read Linking It All Together for more detail.)

Below are details, excerpts, reviews, book trailers, and some detail about the real-life event that inspired each story.

Game of Sails (2012)

Game of Sails: An Olympic Love Story
Casey Morgan was just about to qualify for the national sailing team when Spencer Harding capsized on top of her. Desperate for a secret weapon, she steamrolls into his casual small town life to get dibs on a fast new sail. As even Casey’s singleminded determination is tested by treachery, divorce, and serious injury, the two sailors merge their opposite approaches to work toward a lofty goal—a berth on the Olympic team.

“You don’t need to know the difference between a tack and a jibe to feel the tension Cronin creates… to experience the elation of victory and shed tears of defeat.” —J.B. Chicoine, author and artist
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Oliver Series


Oliver’s Surprise (2008) is about a twelve year old boy who (thanks to a bump on the head) travels back in time to 1938, just before the Great Hurricane hits. Set in coastal Rhode Island, the book includes several illustrations, a glossary of sailing terms, and a history of the hurricane.

“A vivid glimpse of boatyard life for a modern boy whisked back to his grandfather’s day, just before the hurricane of ‘38.”
-Molly Bang, author of “When Sophie Gets Angry.”

“For a kid smitten with the sea, an old schooner is the ideal vehicle for going back in time to come to terms with a grandfather’s death and learn a whole lot more…Oliver’s Surprise reminds one of the pure connectedness of family and friends through the generations.”
– John Burnham, Editorial Director at and YachtWorld
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CCSpicon3Dweb Cape Cod Surprise (2010) takes Oliver back into the teeth of Hurricane Carol, a storm that hit Cape Cod hard in late August of 1954. Once again, young readers see New England coastal history through the eyes of our intrepid Oliver, now a seasoned time traveler. As Carol starts to bear down on the sandy coastline, Oliver must face his own fears and uncertainties while contending with a renegade aunt and another time traveler who refuses to let go of modern niceties.The book embeds a sailing primer inside a ripping good yarn.

Cape Cod Surprise brings to life what it is like to face a vicious hurricane. I kept reaching for my lifejacket and pulling up my hood throughout this fast-paced narrative.” -Gary Jobson, Sailor and Author

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