WIP (Work in Progress)

Novels take me years to write—and I always think I’m finished when I complete the first rough draft. Here’s a bit about what I’m working on right now.

Working Title: Ferry to Cooperation Island
Status: Spring 2020 publication

The morning after James Malloy is fired, Brenton Island’s thirty-six residents gather at the harborside coffee shop to speculate about whether their ferry can run without him. When the boat does come in, captained by a female southerner, James storms off to the island’s rocky bluffs in search of open horizon. Instead he stumbles onto yet another insult: a swath of trees ribboned for removal, all so his former boss can build a private golf resort. The only way James can protect the island’s last undeveloped land is to organize a community sit-in, which means accepting help from Captain Courtney Farris—and that requires learning to trust a woman from “ashore.”

The story explores open space, closed-mindedness, and the ripple of change one fresh personality can make in a tight-knit community.

Working Title: Artists of Cooperation Island
Status: Writing 1st draft

A writer and an artist each battle the internal demons and external realities of life on a very small island.