Ferry to Cooperation Island: Available June 2020

Title: Ferry to Cooperation Island

Status: Available June 16, 2020. For pre-order information, subscribe.

A boat captain is forced to team up with the woman who stole his job in order to save his New England island home from developers.


Loner James Malloy is a ferry captain—or used to be, until Courtney Farris stole his job. Now, instead of piloting Brenton Island’s daily lifeline to the glitzy docks of Newport, Rhode Island, James spends his days beached, bored, and wandering the island’s rocky bluffs.

When he discovers that a land trust set up years earlier by his lighthouse keeper father and the Narragansett Indians was never finalized, he’s determined to stop the development of island wilderness into private golf resort. But even though Brenton’s nickname is Cooperation Island, James is used to working solo. To save his home from “improvements’ and keep Brenton’s fields and shoreline open to all, he’ll have to learn to cooperate with the other islanders—and with Captain Courtney, who might just morph from irritant to irresistible once he learns a secret from his own past.

This salt-sprayed story brings to life a coastal community while celebrating wilderness and water, open space and open-mindedness, and the redemptive power of cooperation.

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