O Little Town of Brenton: My Gift to You

For the past few years, I’ve written a short story as a holiday gift to my readers. This one is narrated by James Malloy’s mother, and it takes us back to a stormy Christmas Eve ten years before Ferry to Cooperation Island begins. We get to listen in on some of my favorite Christmas carols… though one of the island’s most devoted singers can’t actually carry a tune.

O Little Town of Brenton
Thanks to PaulCroninStudios for the suitably stormy background image!

Like all the best gifts, this one brought me even more joy than it hopefully will give you. Spending time with Eliza Malloy (as well as several other folks you’ve already met) has definitely enriched the characters who’ve gathered together for the first draft of FERRY’s sequel. I can’t wait to share that next story, but please be patient… it’s going to be a while before it’s ready for publication.

Meanwhile, I’ve inserted some musical breaks into this year’s story as suggested spots to refill your hot toddy. So curl up in front of the fire and enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think—either in the comments below, or by email. I really appreciate all the feedback you’ve sent this year; I’m looking forward to even more in 2022.

May you find your own fresh joy this holiday season—even if the weather is as stormy as it was for Eliza.

Merry merry to all!

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