Sparking Fresh Perspectives

Looking back through recent posts, I realize there’s a common theme that connects many of them—regardless of whether I’m writing about books or boats or both together. The biggest spark for ideas worth sharing is gaining a fresh perspective—whether that’s by seeing a familiar harbor in a different way, learning something new about a character, or traveling to a different country.

Paul pictures Dingle

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I wrote about the value of seeing the same harbor upside down in SUP Yoga. Writing the same story through another character’s eyes was covered in Walking in Other Moccasins. Seeing just far enough into the future to keep moving forward provided the connection between a foggy paddle and turning my current WIP over to its very first reader. (Read Fog and First Readers.) And just last week, I wrote about the Black Toilet Seat that made my sister cry.

The older and more set in our ways we become, the harder it is to find fresh ways of seeing our familiar world—even though that’s what keeps us from getting stale ourselves. Fortunately sailing and writing both continue to challenge me with a variety of experiences and insights, which I then enjoy sharing and rehashing with you.

What recently gave you a fresh perspective? Share it in the comments below. And thanks for reading.

One thought on “Sparking Fresh Perspectives”

  1. Karen Disch says:

    Seeing anything through the eyes of my children gives me a fresh perspective every time!

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